Quality Systems Services
QSS has been independently helping companies (large and small) improve their databases since 1995 and we are hoping to help you with yours.

We specialise in cleaning the contact names on your database using our purpose made spell checking software 'NameBase'. We offer you a simple and powerful contact name spell checking service.

You need never again send out a mailshot hoping that you have spotted the worst spoof names or those dodgy names containing naughty swear words.

Just get us to run your contact names through NameBase and use the report to achieve peace of mind before your mailing goes out.

If you have other database issues such as duplicate entries then we have tools and services designed to cope with them too. Please browse the site to find out how these services might help you.

If you have any questions then just get in touch with us using the contact page. We'll look forward to hearing from you.
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