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If only there was enough time to really clean the contact names in your database...
Well there is now, thanks to NameBase!
The Contact Name Challenge...
Lurking deep inside most databases are some nasty little shockers, the names of a few evil dictators, a few cartoon characters and some mucky swear words.
And then there are the less obvious howlers like 'Mr. Jennifer Roper' and 'R Jones deceased', just waiting to cause offence, to generate a complaint. People's names spelled incorrectly, duplications.

All these things make your organisation look bad, careless or incompetent. These things cost money and time to put right. They can cost you your reputation too.
And the only answer is to go through your list by hand, line by line, searching for needles in the haystack. The operators get bored and miss things - and they cost too much. And, worst of all, it takes far too long.

The problem for database managers is that you simply don't have the time to do all this before your mailshot has to go out. So the mailshots go out anyway, warts and all. And then the complaints start coming back. But worse are the complaints that never get made, the mailers that are just ripped up on sight because the name was wrong or because Mr. M. Mouse doesn't really exist.

If only there was a way of cleansing the names in a database which was intelligent, accurate and, above all, quick. Fortunately there is... its called NameBase.

The Solution
NameBase is a database management service which uses leading edge software techniques and large dictionaries to correctly format and spell check individual's names. It can spot spelling errors, typos and near misses, it can insert spaces where they are missing and take them out when they shouldn't be there.

It has a huge list of valid name components which it compares the errors with and automatically suggests corrections. It also has a great list of spoof names, dictators, cartoon characters and all the worst swear words you can think of. We are constantly adding new words as and when they appear.

NameBase can be used in a variety of different ways and each report is unique to your input material and your requirements as a database manager. Most of all it is very quick and it is very accurate and doesn't get bored. So, if you don't have time to go through the queries then you can leave them for another day - or get rid of them completely. Either way, your mailshot can go out as soon as you want it to.
How well does it work?
In a trial using 200,000 names from a national utility, NameBase picked out over 6,000 which needed attention. This was from a list that we later discovered had already been cleaned using the best software currently available. After years developing the program, this was the kind of validation we were looking for. 
The cost of 6,000 stamps is one thing but the damage to a company's reputation is entirely different. And so is the cost of dealing with the complaints.

Who should be using it?
Trawling through a database of only 1,000 names is tedious enough, so anyone who is concerned about accuracy will be interested in NameBase. Any organisation using direct mail to market itself or to keep its customers informed will benefit from this service.  Whatever their size, most organisations, be they local authorities, charities, financial institutions, health care providers, corporate giants and minnows etc., will find that NameBase is perhaps the only cost effective way of keeping their data genuinely clean.

How is NameBase available?
NameBase is available as a turnaround service. It can be used on a one off basis or as often as required. There is a basic charge for the service with costs increasing according to the size of the database and the complexity of the client's requirements. For large or regular users, the service can be provided on a retained fee basis. Please contact us for details.

We are so sure that NameBase is the best name handling process available for data cleaning that we are prepared to let you try it for free. All we need is a file of contact names with unformatted titles, initials, forenames and surnames together with a unique ID for each name. 

For example a file called contacts.csv containing...

1,"Mr Edward Smith"
2,"Mrs Karen Thompson"
3,"James Warren"
4,"Mr & Mrs Jones"

We will then process this data and tell you how much of it is correctly or incorrectly spelled, how many silly names we found etc. We'll send you a sample report like the one below so you can check the results against your original data and decide whether you need to be using NameBase.
To take up this free offer then please get in touch using the details on the contact page.
Does your database have Emma Royds?
A NameBase report will show you, it puts your contact names under the microscope and puts you in control of your data.